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ARCANE 1×7 REACTION!! Episode 7 "The Boy Savior" | League Of Legends | Netflix

VI REUNITES WITH EKKO & GOES HEAD-TO-HEAD WITH JINX in Arcane Ep. 7 Reaction & Review Today! In “The Boy Savior,” Act 3 kicks off as Caitlyn and Vi confront the Firlights & meet an ally in Zaun’s streets and head into a frenzied battle with a common foe; meanwhile, Viktor makes a dire decision…
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Arcane Episode 8 Reaction:

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  1. The Reel Rejects

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  2. PackuMira

    Marcus was a very interesting and realistic character
    someone stuck between bad past decisions
    and definitely not as bad as you guys were saying

  3. Dre Soto

    Thousands? Little guy is only a few hundred years old

  4. Kiba Bodaway

    ok I''m nitpicking here but shouldn't Caitlyn have died here and not Marcus? dude had his arm outstretched the firelight land on the tip of his gun, the gun that was inches away from Caitlyn's head yet she's almost completely unscathed? goddamn she better be a tank

  5. BeastModeGaming2013

    I think Jinx is probably around 17 or 18, cause when she was little doing that heist on episode 1 she was 7yrs old, cause VI told Caitlyn after she was doing her parkour stuff, that she should be ashamed cause her little sister was doing all that when she was only 7 & i think we had a 10 yr time jump, Jayce was 24 in the first act before they time jump.

  6. Blu Cyd

    I had a crush, until you started talking to the gun.


  7. Norman Cooper

    I can't believe you guys did not recognize Ekko at first glance. I agree he aged up, but the distinct hair colour is his unique identifier. Shame on you, Reel Rejects! Shame on you! lol

  8. Lyansito

    Since you haven't played league Im sure no one would make you feel stupid. even though i knew it was ekko i still fan girled a little bit when he took off the mask xD

  9. h3ll0gudbye

    Vi gave up on her sister so easily.

  10. Yvonne Nicolas

    I've been peeping their videos for the last month or so, but I don't know their names—the guy on the right in the Spidar man chair—I just wanna hug him. He's so emotional, and his emotions match my own. I love seeing his reactions to these shows.

  11. Niev Raam


  12. Gg Gg

    I love this show but i don't know how jinx gets her gun between the fights
    It appears in her hands after a cut
    no one is noticing it
    (I am talking about the big machine gun)

  13. RedVIII

    Marcus also did not kill Vi, even though he was ordered to, but instead locked her up. (At least that's how I understood it, and even if, not sure how much better that is) He might also have saved Powders life by keeping Vi from returning to her, but who knows how things would have changed if Vi only would have been able to return to her sister.
    Honestly, it saddens me so much how tragic Powder/Jinx's story is. At this point she is probably irredeemable, which just sucks. She was such a cute kid who just wanted to help. And her sister was extremely supportive and loving except for this one moment, but unfortunately it was a crucial moment. (And to be fair, the fact that it was only that one time and it completely turned Powder to the dark side felt a bit unrealistic to me, but whatever)

  14. inSane õñê


  15. John Lu

    Notice when Jinx hums when she walks through the wreckage – the very same tune she sang at the very opening in Ep1, in the very same place. The way she shoots a downed enforcer to finish them off – exact same thing an enforcer did to a trencher in the opening scene.

    Call her insane, but there's a point to be made that everything she's done and is about to do, is retribution for what's been done to her. She's the culmination of this cycle of violence, and she will never stop.

  16. F1rst World NomaD

    I didnt even think of this as a video game adaptation until you said it just now.
    The league lore has always been way better than the game it self so I guess Ive always seen the game as an adaptation of the lore.

  17. PlutoGamerForever

    all the songs on the show are copyright free btw

  18. He Who Resembles God

    If you play the game you know what the clock means…. both for Ekkos past and future.

  19. SooAn Lu

    take care bro, winter is here

  20. OneStopGeekShop

    Heimerdinger's race is called Yordle.

  21. Arthur Chen

    When those butterflies came out, everyone who remembers G. I . Joe: Retaliation was like "oh fuck."

  22. D-Snowden

    please tell me yall was joking bout not knowing who Ekko was lol

  23. crepet

    Get well soon dudes!

  24. SuperCredit

    Hope you guys are putting out the next ones soon!

  25. X-man Supreme

    Pretty sure that Heimerdinger is a Snarf.

    Shimmer on the mattress. Shimmer on the highway. Shimmer on the front porch. Shimmer on the highway.

  26. Lauryn Jackson

    It’s so painful because I still love jinx 🙁 she needs help.

  27. J money

    I'm on Episode 9 of this show!
    I absolutely love it!! What a beautiful series!

  28. Ximien Lundquist

    Bro, you guys were rambling so much I lost track of what your point was at the end of the video lmfao

  29. Santosh Sharma

    "Well look who it is, the boy saviour!" The way Jinx says it was heartbreaking. 😔

  30. Nighthawk

    things that require a masters degree to be able to handle:
    -a very poisonous chemical.
    -a nuclear reactor.
    -a heartbroken badass skinny blue-haired girl.

    I mean, honestly, the badass blue-haired girl is challenge enough…. good luck with the heartbroken part.

  31. Kiki Blonde

    damn, dislike

  32. Dashiell Millner

    I want Greg to feel better before doing the rest

  33. Ivy

    Bruh there's no sexual tension between jinx and silco holy shit 🤣 wait until next two eps I guess

  34. Danger QD

    me : i wonder what Silko and Jynx are to each other
    The Reel Rejects : awkwardly intimate
    me looking at my own "love life", scared o_o
    me : I think i'll stick to the label "Entangled" -_-

  35. Jenna Craig

    I went into this show knowing absolutely nothing about League of Legends or any of the characters, but holy shit did it make me care about every one of them in just 9 episodes.
    The story, the pacing, the animation, the art style, the development of the characters, the emotion, the soundtrack and score, the fight scenes just everything about it is incredible.

    Arcane has without doubt set the benchmark for adapting video games into other mediums, and the benchmark for what animated shows can be. I can't recommend Arcane enough and can't wait for season 2.

  36. nandy k.

    Vi and Cait's relationship is so well fucking done. Rare enough that we get this prominent of a queer romance in such a big show, but they handled it so well through showing their feelings through wordless body language and the framing of each other whenever we see their povs.

    there might not be an outright kiss or explicit declaration of romantic feelings, but it is undeniable.

  37. SiiKAN

    even you donknow name a character wtf

  38. Oogi kun

    I like her until she talks to the guns

  39. TheBigBoss

    Don't know if this is how you usually act, but the whole discussion part was just saying weird shit, were you like high or something ? or is that normal ? Because ngl, it's weird, especially with how long it went.

  40. Alice Vidrine

    Is it just me, or is that Ekko/Jinx showdown one of the coolest sequences ever animated? Pure god damn style.

  41. Adam Lee

    I think Jinx mentally stopped developing due to the trauma so she still behaves like she's 10 year old around Silco, which is also why she doesn't understand the relationship Vi have with Caitlyn isn't the same as the relationship Vi had with Powder.

  42. RinShaolin

    they took away showing dislikes that awful. doesn’t help the creator

  43. Joshua Pereira

    23:28 you went from talking about good character development to talking about a rule 34 fantasy. And at 26:50

  44. HazelOnNutella

    If you didn't notice, the Chem Barons were hanging out in a greenhouse because in Zaun, even fresh air is a luxury!

  45. Stoick, Eater of Dragoons

    I guess we can finally say it now; whoops all Blood Magik! And I luv that Singed is just bebop scatting around
    Ekko is a character I love but for spoiler reasons I can't really go into why, it's just that he's really important. I hope they do a LoL Multiverse animated series even if they're just one-shots

  46. Kevin Liang

    Where did you get that scouts hoodie??

  47. Jodi McClure

    I'll never be able to watch that scene again and not think 'It's my Enemy badge!"

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