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Challenger shows you why VIKTOR is one of the BEST MIDS this patch | 11.23 – League of Legends

such a crazy champ

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  1. sean wolstenholme

    the classic "i have 1.5 items plus boots so fuck you" triple kill on viktor is why I will always come back to playing him… nobody ever expects a 15-18 min viktor to do that much damage

  2. Elton John Tubola

    Viktor doing his arcane Sigma Grind even in game.

  3. Stefan dufvenberg

    I really enjoy your viktor, ziggs and lux games…. more pls! would viktor work as adc, with nami supp or is it troll? asking for a friend. 😉

  4. Ubaid-ur Rehman

    I knew i wasn't suppose to win so hard as orianna

  5. JC

    maybe come season two viktor will get some love, and i've been trying to improve my viktor so thanks. anyways, that nami with the mandate

  6. DeadlyAnemia

    i just want to point this out for all my low elo mid mains. copying pekin will get you higher elo. just remember inside lower elo youre needed to roam/move to fights more since more fights happen. applying that and applying what he teaches will net you a good winrate

  7. Dillon Patterson

    18:45 holy shit crown absorbs soooo much damage. Thats insane.

  8. FaKeDIs - JOAT

    This viktor does double the damage my viktor does

  9. Leslie Sean

    Day 15 of asking PekinWoof to play high elo midlane Brand.

  10. Lucas Barros

    Pekin, what do you think about Electrocute on Viktor? I really like this setup for the laning phase.

  11. Denis

    Why not hard shove the wave at 6:55 when you saw her top?

  12. santo198198

    Is there any guy like PekinnWoof but on toplane? I'm main top but I haven't found anyone like Pekin that explain things so deeply, also I like to watch those midlane match ups, really interesting.

  13. Bradley Tobolewski

    I thought Nami heal could bounce twice. Like heal 2 allies and damage an enemy or damage 2 enemies and heal an ally.

  14. jekster

    So glad to see that people in Masters tier also don't listen to pings.

  15. Strahinja Mišković

    Please play with Neeko


    That Jarvan is so cringe, why is he taking the kills when he's not even a carry champ.

  17. Dawiid


  18. Beijo

    "Nami obviously popped off by just pressing her E on me." LOL

  19. witek wenclik

    the vids are getting kinda borring. Pekin randomly plays champs, says they are not playable/or very hard in D-Challenger Elo. And after a few Videos he is like: Omg this champ is actually op!!!!
    Example: Just think about Vex, Xerath and now Viktor.
    Thats so annoying in my opinion

  20. santiago prieto v.

    I love seeing control mage matchups, in my elo I only see assassin's and is exhausting sometimes

  21. Мотов Василий

    hey, do you really think this new mythic is the thing to go?
    It feels like if I'm not crazy ahead I'm lacking dmg with this item

  22. PKDustin

    Hey pekin, can we see some syndra gameplay? I feel like she's incredibly overpowered also!

  23. Jhonny Barzola

    juego en master xd bueno te entiendo, a josedeodo le pasa lo mismo.

  24. Jhonny Barzola

    jelou soy nuevo, increíbles videos.

  25. Šarūnas Jadzgevičius

    2:39 EUW silvers have better or atleast even map avereness lmao wtf. 11:05 funny you mention that caitlyn…

  26. Berri

    Yeah bot lane threw that good TP hard, all they had to do was turn.

  27. Shminsy Winsy

    btw jayce discovered sextech

  28. Shminsy Winsy

    that moment he almost oneshot naut and ori with E R my jaw literally dropped down in aw

  29. Francesco Barchiesi

    Pekin could you upload more Mage vs Assassin match ups? I'm trying to learn mid lane but I've been having trouble making up for their early rotations

  30. Hadar 945

    day 31 of asking for Samira mid

  31. Noxious Blast

    I want cassiopeia in arcane

  32. HugoBoss

    Why does he say "Brush" and not "Bush"?

  33. Roger Koolin


  34. Muka Zero

    Viktor, Jayce and Caitlyn in the same game!!….*(/me Arcane flashback 😱)

  35. Roger Koolin

    Lol wtff

  36. Javier

    Viktor's gravity field is so fucking annoying. Being a support player main it zoned you so much, if you go something like Leona, Naut, Alistar and all these champions that get on their faces he just puts it down and you are stuck there cause you don't have a way out.
    I think that the really good Viktor players are the ones that know how to place their W's

  37. Ryan Davis

    What do you use to record your games?

  38. isaac ribeiro

    3:00 no at best they are gold

  39. NathanQuoin

    Pekin, could you do more commentary on how the enemy midlaner should play?
    🙂 love ur videos

  40. Brothulhu Phtagn

    But like what changed? Literally just items? Why is he good now….

  41. Sapphire Suzuki

    3 Arcane champs= EZ win

  42. Ayman Mannan

    it’s awesome how your team developed such good teamwork through the course of the game. graves dominated that early game cos of poor coordination on your team’s part, but once nami, jayce and you scaled it was over. giga sup gap for sure.

  43. flower power

    i love the mage meta comeback

  44. Sapphire Suzuki

    I watched your recent viktor video and decided to try him out in an aram.. wtf the champ is so incredibly hard but you make it look so easy!

  45. Tom Wanders

    I assure you it’s not one of those videos. I usually deal more damage, because I play him with liandrys and conqueror.
    Edit: I got 1.2 million on him though.

  46. renzo

    Taliyah mid gameplay needed

  47. Oskar Sieniut

    we want aurelion sol videos back!!! <3

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