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I've Never Seen The League Of Legends Roster

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  1. This or That

    Nobody in chat told Max that LoL is 12 years old? His first impression names were highly entertaining.

  2. Broccoli Bottom

    I lost it when he calls Vi as 6 😂

  3. Slaytem

    Max geeked off the stryder costume 😂

  4. DLeeGriff

    He picked the married couple!!

  5. Dreioo

    I rate this Wholesome AF /100

  6. Ai Metalloid

    He took the time to look at the characters that caught his eye first, then took some of the chat's requests and revisited others he missed.

  7. Nestrogus

    lmao that face in the thumbnail though

  8. Strelitzia Remtachi

    he missed my boi Swain… sadge

  9. Miles Prower

    Eddy Gorlak said Kenny

  10. Goblin

    I love monster characters. So more of those please. Max only had them humies.
    Fiddlesticks, Gnar, Nautilus, Bard, Aurelio Sol, Trundle. You guys know where I'm at.

  11. Andrew Peach

    "You Gorlak having hooker"

    Gonna have to start using that one

  12. ][

    Dismissing Jinx without a second thought, now that is a shame. Also, watch Arcane.

  13. 3ThreeHeadedMonkey

    Love seeing blind reactions to the roster like this.

  14. ChipTuna

    > "Diverse roster"
    > Focuses on mostly human characters.

  15. Hi Ich Bin Barney

    It's a shame Max didn't consider the existing abilities and how they could be converted into the fighting game. Udyr is probably gonna be one of the more interesting ones with his multiple fighting stances, one could've never guessed looking at his splash art.

  16. Alucard150

    Fun fact: Lucian´s Spanish dub voice actor is the same voice actor that dubs Blade in the Blade movies in Spanish, I wonder why they chose him XD

  17. joelisbored

    Literally the first character he talks about is literally a character in Jojos😂

  18. burningwp

    The only names I remember from League of Legends were from that really old meme rap song lol

  19. PunchyDonk

    5:30 Ahri crying in the corner

  20. Just Shannon

    I had to rewatch it cause it was that funny

  21. Okami Cloud

    Dang he missed Diana’s Lady Maria’s skin 😔 😂

  22. Onyxiboy

    As a league player this was hysterical, also i like that my favorite character (talon) got the best reaction

  23. Time Lizard

    Hearing Max say "The Donger" cracks me up.

  24. Tristan Bryan

    He's missing the big body character, need to add gragas or something lol

  25. Wendolyn Saurio

    Yes, we need Vi

  26. Zaz

    Max doesn't like Urgot

    P A I N

  27. MarkTheLeo

    Man the Talon comment on stried gets me hahaha! I knew he would like Talon.

  28. Anthan Krufix

    I Really hope that Project L adds Kled to it…
    For Reference… Kled is the most ungabunga champion in the game. His kit is strong and snowbally, but then when he falls to low health his kit gets nerfed hard and the ONLY thing he can do is run forwards headfirst into danger, but if he manages to fight and survive for long enough in this impossibly stunted form then he gets all his health and his full kit back… The feeling of power is amazing, the feeling of desperation is amazing, it's pure adrenaline from start to finish.
    Wanting Kled in a fighting game was literally the first thing I thought of when he first came out… He's out here making Leo Whitefang look like Jigglypuff.

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