Thức Giấc – Da LAB (Official Music Video)

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Da LAB – Thức giấc

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Inspired by the movies: Inception (2010), Paprika (2006)

Published by Yin Yang media

Official Remix:
1. Thức Giấc (CD Remix)
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2. Thức Giấc (DXY Remix)
Landing page:
3. Thức Giấc (pema. remix)
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4. Thức Giấc (Zang Remix)
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Executive producer: MPaKK (Da LAB)
Composer: Da LAB
Arranger: Machiot, MPaKK (Da LAB)
Recording Studio : Da LAB Studio
Mix: StillaD, Dung Hentei, EmceeL (Da LAB)
Master: Dung Hentei – OnlyC Production
Female vocal: Nguyen An An
PR & Social Manager: Nhật Duy
Partnership Manager: Noah Ton
Social Network Advisor: Ngoc Thuy Nguyen
Creative Directors: Sơn Thái ( SPARTA), MPaKK (Da LAB)
Actress: Thúy Ngân
Assistant Actor: Phụng

Special thanks to THG S&S, Tamson Fashion,
The Dark Gallery, Subtle Studios for supporting us.
Special thanks to Be Boi 4 Mua Hoang Mai for supporting us.

Production House: Origin Movement
Director & Screenwriter: Khoi Nguyen
Director of Photography & Co-Director: Hai Nguyen Duc
Producer: Trang Công Thành
Line Production: Ngoc Nguyen
1st AD: De Trung
2nd AD: Tuan 28
Assistant Production: Pukachi / Lê Thảo / Hiéu Nguyẽn
Production Designer: Linh H Phạm
Prop Master: Quang Sọt
Set Dresser: HPH Art Crew
Camera Operator: Chú Chim
Focus Puller & Flycam: Minh Nhí
Set Dresser: HPH Art Crew
Stylist: BaoPaul
Wardrode: BaoPaul Team
Make up: Linh Kildy
Team Photographer: Ân Bùi
BTS: Hoang ND , Nam Neo
Social Content creator: Son Bui, Minh Tong, Khanh Don’t
Camera & Lens: Hnlens
Lighting & Equipment: Cine Hà Nôi
Editor: Khoi Nguyen
Colorist: Tsoul Duy
Graphic Designer: Knvgue
VFX Supervisor: Zodiac II
Compositor: Viet Anh Truong
3D Artist: Anh Qui
VFX Artist: Duc Nghia
VFX Assistant: Nhi Nguyen
Cameo: Sang Dinh, Dat Doc, Hoang Phan, Vy An, Nam Neo, Bao Paul, Luc Tieu Phung, Ng Jackie JJ, Hai Nguyen Duc

Special thanks to Herbalife Nutrition and Ford
Partners: Dentsu Redder x W, Tiktok, Beatvn, Gapo, Cổ Động, ATV media, DAO, DZUS, Cooken, Đài Phát Thanh, ACV

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