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Zed Yuumi Duo – Best of LoL Streams 1651

Zed Yuumi Duo ft. Zed99
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Riot Games:

0:00 Zed99
0:40 Froggen
1:07 Kayle1v9
1:43 Finn
1:55 Caedrel
2:07 Elite500
2:23 Nemesis
2:45 FMJayce
3:11 Nyyppah
3:20 ?
3:39 Arrow
4:05 Rooked
4:26 Nemesis
4:48 Lightrocket2
5:24 Sigwilkat
5:38 NorcastZ
5:59 Anafrodragon
6:15 Nemesis
6:27 TWP
6:45 Werlyb
7:17 Rawmantikos
7:39 34daynean
7:56 Kayle1v9
8:12 Leontiosx
8:30 Brohan
8:43 Lightrocket2
8:57 Sarellan
9:16 TheUnforgiven
9:40 Aqsept
10:04 Volinn
10:27 Rooked
11:02 Ratedv1
11:29 Boxbox

#Synapse #Zed #Yuumi

Intro by Angrydonat:
Fiora animation:
Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero

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37 Bình luận

  1. Lost my sanity

    0:01 Once yuumi sits on the midlaner like this you know u passed the 15 minute mark and the adc is crying

  2. Mahmoud Ashraf

    11:02 rated up

  3. Abdelrahman Samir

    11:02 Rated V1 broke the speed of light 😂😂

  4. David Xarah

    The muki destiny is so sad, Sabbox

  5. Bonelesshuman

    He could do just Q to baron to try something at least. But yes, I understand this bug. Shit game.

  6. Hehe Haha

    Lmao what an unlikeable character Froggen is

  7. MG Ranger

    11:00 Rated onfire ❤️❤️

  8. omar atef

    منورنا يريتيدد

  9. mems

    how are streamers using that wide view on stream? is it an ultrawide monitor or setting?

  10. Lynn Trinket

    gotta respect that kayle guy for not losing it lol

  11. Piotr Zubek

    0:40 that would tilt my mind off, i agree with yasuo saying open at the end xD

  12. Kasper Schmidt

    Taric: the only champion to beat Irelia lvl 1

  13. Rawmantikos

    At 7:17, it's my first & hopefully last interaction with a bug, also thankfully I managed to get out of there by recalling.

  14. Ahmed Ashraf

    11:05 flash are you here ??

  15. Michael Fiala

    7:37 My man is stuck irl

  16. Classic Love

    Box box is just who i want to be in the future

  17. Burak Coşar

    Probably he is gonna eat that citty one Day so Sad

  18. crispy chips

    0:59 i think this is the first time ever froggen has used different facial expressions

  19. Gatab

    5:24 worse champ ever in a nutshell (my oppinion)

  20. Omar Eltabarany

    11:02 guess now we know what champ is rated mainly picking next tournament

  21. Pro Gamer

    11:02 THE REAL JOKER

  22. nemxo

    lightrocket & sloppy are the only reason I watch synapse 😎

  23. TsR

    5:35 The virgin face u give when u hit an ult that covers half map and call your self the best player

  24. Caesar Limontti

    When I play at Botlane I have Yuumi at home and Yuumi at the bot, we are a Trio

  25. Arthuranta

    7:20 when you are at her Place during NNN and she locks the doors and starts taking off her clothes

  26. Abdullah gamer

    Rated 😭💓

  27. mostafa khalaf

    Rated ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  28. Denis Dao

    9:10 , streamer Sarellan, her character moved so weirdly there. The wiggle? It looked like as if she got Body Blocked but the minion passed her already, theres nothing there. I would call scripting but not in this case, considering her 70ms ping, the buggy Indie game and how shes not a nobody(have seen her plenty of times in compilations)

  29. Remount

    honestly who thought buffing lux was a good idea?

  30. Ismail Bahr

    this fakahany is hot

  31. ToonOlas

    3:59 From so happy to sad quicker than you can boomwhatup

  32. Saint Neurion

    There is a terrible noise at 1:35 , I think it has something to do with the Hextech portals but have yet to be able to recreate it consistently. Does anybody know what is causing these noises in game?

  33. baraa hamdy

    Best jg ❤️❤️ 11:02

  34. YureOuji

    Eseee Werlyb

  35. Shade

    3:55 – insta karma for such toxic idiot

  36. Brendan Kelety

    What happened at 8:01 that's making him so excited? Surely it can't just be finishing off an ignited lux with his Q, right?

  37. AbismoGR

    bro how the fck did boxbox die in that last clip,riven is underperforming please buff.

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